Disclaimer: Before you proceed on reading below, The post is based on my personal opinion and I am NOT a licence immigration officer. If you need professional advise, consult a professional IO.

Why do you need an IQA (International Qualification Assessment)?

You need an IQA if you are applying for SMC (Skilled Migrant Category Visa), This is an assessment to check if your credentials is align to International Standards.

How to apply for IQA.

Fill up the ff. details

Step 1: Personal and Contact Details
Step 2: Qualifications to be assessed: BSCS
Step 3: Secondary School Qualifications: Highschool diploma
Step 4: Work Experience (Optional)
Step 5: Document Upload:

Documents to be uploaded must be:

In colour,
PDF format, and
Size of less than 5 MB per document

1. 3rd party authorization – This form requires your signature and the signature of an adviser or lawyer acting as your agent, if applicable. It states that the information you have provided is true and accurate, and that you give NZQA permission to contact third parties for further information when needed. It also authorises an agent to act on your behalf. This form must be uploaded as part of your application.

2. Passport bio-data page – This is the section of your passport that shows your photograph, name, date of birth, and nationality.

3. Award Certificate: Diploma, This is a document issued by your awarding body. You might receive this at a graduation ceremony following the completion of your course.

4. Academic Transcripts: TOR, This document should contain a full academic record for all years of study, and include the titles and results of classes/modules/papers you completed.

Other supporting documents:

Apprenticeship of trade experience: COE from previous employer
Academic syllabus: From college
Skills Shortage form: This is a must if applying for SMC.

Cost: 746 NZD (27-28kPhp).